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October 2019
“I met Cheryl Hammond through a business networking group we’re both apart of in Walnut Creek. I’ve known many of her clients and everyone’s always raving about her amazing professional and supportive service as a real estate agent. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her professionally and personally over the last couple years.
While there are real estate agents out there who are primarily concerned with making the sale, and aggressive in their approach, Cheryl sets herself apart because she’s truly concerned with helping her clients make the best decisions for themselves overall, and based on their current and future financial situations. Which means, she will not recommend a move or the purchase of a property that she doesn’t truly believe would be the best fit for her client. She becomes extremely familiar with her clients’ needs so she can help them make these decisions more strategically.
I referred her to a family member who had worked with agents in the past who were not as professional, as knowledgeable or as thorough as Cheryl. They really didn’t seem to put much effort into getting them the best price on a previous property they’d sold. I wanted them to be in the best hands possible this time around. Plus, they were also having difficulty deciding where their next move should be, I knew they’d need her guidance to find the best fit.
As she worked with them, Cheryl continued to be patient, warm, kind, friendly and professional throughout the entire process. She was there every step of the way. She also kept her cool in potentially stressful and complex situations. The two of them working together proved to be hugely successful and a great fit!
She has so much knowledge from her 30-plus years as a real agent in the Bay Area. I would love to refer her to more people and work with her myself in the future. I know anyone who works with her can trust they are in the best hands possible. They will be well taken care of during a time when huge financial and life decisions are being made.
I’ve seen her fight for her clients, and at times she seems to make the impossible happen. Plus, she’s really fun to be around and hang out with too šŸ˜€ Thank you for everything Cheryl!” 
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