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R. O'malley says

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October 2019

“Cheryl Hammond was one of the very first Realtors I can remember working with. In my first year in the business, Cheryl gave me some of the best advice I have received in this industry. Cheryl said, “Rob, you need to get a business coach.” 16 years later I am still regularly coached, I now coach others, and as a result I am in the Top 1% of Mortgage of Loan Originators in the United States. Thank you Cheryl!!!

The reason I share this is because the impact Cheryl has had on my life, and career, is a perfect example of how Cheryl Hammond works with all of her clients. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Cheryl to help close to 100 families purchase homes and I have witnessed how Cheryl operates her business under the “give, ask, receive” philosophy time and time again.

Cheryl brings a very “healthy” and “personal” touch to her business coupled with exceptional, and effective, customer service. Cheryl is a woman of faith, and it shows in every aspect of her life. However, I ask the reader to not mistake faith and kindness for weakness. Cheryl is a highly skilled business professional with well over 1,000 successfully closed transactions to her name. Cheryl always places the needs of her clients at the forefront of her negotiations. Cheryl has an impeccable reputation, operates with integrity, and always “wins the deal” for her clients.

I share these truths with 100% confidence because I am not only fortunate enough to call Cheryl Hammond my business partner, and friend, I am also Cheryl Hammond’s past client. If I ever need a Real Estate agent to represent me, Cheryl Hammond would be my very first call.” 

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